Patient Testimonials

Saarathi has till date reached out to millions of patients to not only help them in managing their disease, compliance with treatment regimens and improve relationships with their clinicians but also lending the psychological will to combat with their ailing conditions to lead a better Quality of Life. Over the years Saarathi has cherished interactions with various patients suffering with chronic diseases.

     I personally thank the entire team of Saarathi Healthcare and the Management of Saarathi for issuing medicine under PAP program. This will be very great help for me to manage the condition
HIV Patient – Mr. KS


     Since about a year I have been receiving calls at regular intervals asking about my health, whether I am continuing with the medicines prescribed, how I am feeling, also some education booklet, etc- I have found the person who talks to me very soothing and this helps me to feel good. I would like to thank you for taking interest and thereby boosting my spirits
CV (By-pass) Patient – Ms. YR

    Appreciate your services by calling me up frequently and asking me about health, reports and therapy with medicines. And thanks once again for sending me PAP medication
HIV Patient – Mrs. SK

     My father was suffering from liver problems, after transplant he has been given great compassion & care when treated for it. We are thankful to Saarathi counselor as they have helped him emotionally to lead a normal life
Liver Transplant Patient Caregiver – Mr. MG

    I feel very happy to receive the SMS from TAP for reminding me for my medicine. If fee as if someone is concerned about my health. Thanks for the service.
Schizophrenia Patient – Mrs. MP

      Call from Saarathi makes me feel happy, if shows you are care towards us, as a Mother cares for a child. You support as emotionally by listening. Appreciate this step towards patient care.
Onco (Breast Cancer) Patient - Mrs. MN