Digital Inputs
Digital Inputs

Gesture, touch and body language were the earliest forms of communication. Importance of rhetoric beyond spoken and written communication started emerging with time. Interactive communication is a modern term that encompasses these evolving forms of conversation that is responsive and has two-way ow of information. Saarathi has specialized the craft of interaction designing that delivers;

Audio-Visual Films

These are Menu driven lms in form of Didactic Lectures, Brand/Corporate lms, Symposia proceedings, 2D/3D animations and simulations of a procedure, Brand usage demos, Mechanism of action of drugs, etc.

I-pad Applications

These are excellent state-of-the-art tools for brand detailing, reinforce key messages, share evidenced information, etc.

I-pad applications allow easy deliverance of vast and complex information in a lucid manner that allows very high retention of key messages.

e-learning modules

e-learning, a general term used to refer to a form of learning where the Trainer and Learner are separated by space or time and where the gap between the two is bridged through the use of online technologies.

At Saarathi we create e-learning cum training capability in a centralized manner that is interest generating content followed by MCQs, with eective report formats on progress of the learners, presented as a dash board periodically.


Web-based resources for Clinicians and Patients providing unbiased, authenticated and internationally updated information on the therapy area to facilitate better Treatment Outcome and Quality of Life for Patients suering from chronic ailments.

We deliver end-to-end solution comprising Purchase of URL, Domain registration, theme design, HTML programming of web-pages, Development of applications - Registration tool, database development & management, Invite engine, Hosting of website with 99% uptime, manage hyperlinks with upload and download bandwidth, Developing & updating web content, SEO and Multi-channel web-promotion.

We also provide periodic reports on Number of visitors, time spent on each module, visitor preferences with analysis of viewer activity, comments and recommendation.